Whisper of the Pines

Whisper of the Pines was designed and built exclusively for The Resort at Governor’s Crossing by Viz Art in Houston, TX. Weighing in at over 180 pounds and taking over 4 weeks of production, the 140 hand blown flutes and bulbs give a unique entry into The Resort.

Whipser of the Pines

Artists found inspiration right here in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As you make your way up the Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte you come across several areas of evergreen trees. One such area suffered from a blight several years ago killing most of the trees leaving a vast expanse of barren tree trunks. Today evergreens have begun to grow back filling in the void around the brown. Whisper of the Pines depicts the beauty of this area utilizing the striking and uncommon ratio of brown to green in this section of the park. On the hike to Mount LeConte you can see life shooting out amongst the brown in every which way with no rhyme or reason. The natural spires and juxtapositions of blown glass imitate the very beauty of nature. And when there is a gust of wind the new trees whisper to you to let you know that they are there and becoming more vigorous then ever before.

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