Third Water Slide for The Resort

The Resort at Governor’s Crossing announced yesterday (1/16) that it would be adding a 3rd waterslide to its indoor and outdoor water park facilities. The third slide will be located at the outdoor pool area adding to its array of waterpark amenities. Instillation of the slide is targeted for completion in late April of this year.
Also, The Resort announced the addition of a “Log Roll” to its indoor facility for 2010. The “Log Roll” will be similar to the old lumberjack challenge of staying upright while the log is spinning in the water. The “log roll” can be used individually or to challenge another person. The “Log Roll” will replace the Gator that was installed in 2009, the Gator will move to one of the outdoor pools.  Instillation of the “Log Roll” is expected to be completed sometime in April.

New waterslide for outdoor waterpark

New waterslide for outdoor waterpark

Log Roll for indoor waterpark

Log Roll for indoor waterpark

4 thoughts on “Third Water Slide for The Resort

  1. Geneva "Sue Barker

    WONDERFUL!!!! I bring my grandaughter to your Resort for her birthday in April. I plan to make reservations soon. She will absolutely love it. We were talking about this last year,…that it would be nice if there was one at the outside pool. Thank you so much!!!! WONDERFUL PLACE TO STAY, FRIENDLY, VERY EFFICIENT AND CLEAN. WONDERFUL EMPLOYEES!!! VERY HELPFUL!!!!

  2. Dustin Vincent

    This 3rd slide being outside will be great. The resort is awesome, our 5 year old still refers to it as the “Big Vacation”. Keep up the good work.

  3. Pam Donaldson

    We love visiting Pigeon Forge every year. Our grandson’s always want to stay at The Resort and we do, too. I showed them this email and should have waited. They can’t wait to enjoy the new additional waterpark amenities. Hope to see it soon.

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